Services Available in Havelock, Iowa

Dynamic TV

Broadcast Basic. includes one whole-home DVR.

Broadcast Premium. includes one whole-home DVR and one set-top box. Additional boxes available.

Broadcast Basic

$58.80 w/Internet

$76.99 w/o Internet

Broadcast Premium

$130.49 w/Internet

$151.57 w/o Internet

Movie Channel Add Ons

Cinemax $14.95/mo
Starz/Encore $10.70/mo
Showtime $16.05/mo
HBO $18.73/mo

Internet Service

Unlimited Data
No Contracts
No Equipment Fees
FREE Managed Wi-Fi
FREE Tech Support M-F 7am-8pm

Internet With Telephone

20/25 Mb   $49.95

30/50 Mb   $64.95

40/75 Mb   $84.95

50/100 Mb   $144.95

Internet Without Telephone

Copper 30/2 Mb   $65.95

 Fiber 50/50 Mb   $65.95

Copper 40/4 Mb   $80.95

Fiber 75/75 Mb   $80.95


Call Waiting
Call Forwarding
Three Way Calling
Speed Calling
Caller ID
Voice Mail
Personal Access

Local Telephone

$31.25 + taxes/surcharges

includes 60 minutes of Local Alliance Network Long Distance, FREE

Additional Long Distance

120 mins Local Alliance Network $3.00

240 mins Local Alliance Network $5.00

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