Northwest Telephone

·         1960’s:

o    1963:  NW formed incorporated member-owned independent telephone company Northwest Tele. Coop. Assn. providing telephone service in Havelock, Plover, Curlew

o    1964:  NW installed air core copper and one party service in the three exchanges


·         1970’s:

o    1979:  NW Purchased West Bend telephone exchange


·         1980’s:

o    1980’s:  NW installed digital switch and all new filled cable facilities with one party service in West Bend.

o    1984:  NW installed cable facilities for toll traffic between Havelock, Plover, and Curlew

o    1985:  NW installed digital switches in Havelock, Plover, and Curlew

o    1987:  NW joined Iowa Network Services (INS) and its intra-LATA and inter-LATA centralized equal access with 305 rural telephone exchanges/128 independent telcos

o    1988:  NW joined CommNet Cellular


·         1990’s:

o    1993:  NW constructed 50+ miles of fiber optic cable within telephone system. NW purchased a new Mitel switch

o    1994:  NW joined other independent telco’s to form Northwest Communications Network (NCN) to build a fiber optic SONET ring between Ayrshire, Graettinger, Ruthven, Terril, Webb-Dickens, Northwest—meeting INS in Spencer

o    1997:  NW buried fiber to Palmer Mutual Telco, allowing Palmer to tandem toll traffic off our Plover switch


·         2000’s:

o    2002: 

§  NW received $6.2 mil RUS Loan for upgrade in rural West Bend, Havelock, Plover, Curlew telephone plant

§  Midwest Wireless bought out CommNet Cellular. NW and Ayrshire were both shareholders in Midwest Wireless

§  NW joined other independent telco’s to form Skylink, an i wireless reseller

o    2006: 

§  NW installed a Tekelec Switch

§  Midwest Wireless was acquired by Alltel Wireless on October 3

o    2007: 

§  Lakes Area Wireless (LAW) in process of development

§  Skylink Constructs towers





·         2010’s:

o    2011: 

§  APMAX upgrade

§  FCC USF/ICC Reform brings historical changes to the telephone industry

o    2012: 

§  Started Construction of fiber to businesses and some residence in West Bend

§  NW FTTH Phase 1 - Begins Fiber to The Home, runs main lines out of office and connects Business District.

o    2013: 

§  NW FTTH Phase 2 – Completes from Business district through the southwest corner of town.

§  NW started construction of fiber to business and some residential customers in West Bend. 

o    2014: 

§  NW FTTH Phase 3 – Connects Clinic, Care Center and runs main line across railroad tracks to north side of town.

§  Finished a portion of fiber to West Bend

o    2015:  NW FTTH Phase 4 – Connects northeast corner of town to the Hotel and south to the West Grotto campground.

o    2016:  NW FTTH construction in Rodman, Iowa. 


Northwest Communications

·         1980’s:

o    1986:  NW CATV construction to provide cable TV service in Havelock

o   1989:  NW CATV purchased Rolfe’s and Mallard’s cable TV systems


·         1990’s:

o    1990:  NW CATV assisted in the constructed of Palmer cable TV system for Palmer

o    1991:  NW CATV purchased West Bend cable TV system

o    1994:  NW CATV constructed cable TV system in Plover and consolidated Havelock, Mallard, Plover, Rolfe, and West Bend systems over fiber optic facilities to the Plover head end

o    1995:  NW Communications first provided internet services using trade name Northwest Internet Services (NIS)

o    1997:  NW CATV added Palmer’s system to a consolidation maintenance contract

o    1998:  NW Communications Operations & Management Contract with Ayrshire


·         2000’s:

o    2000: 

§  NW Communications installed first VOIP system

§  NW Communications installed first wireless Local Area Network (LAN)

o    2001: 

§  NW Communications first wireless internet services

§  NW Communications first video conferencing installed

§  NW Communications added Web Design

o    2002: 

§  NW Communications installed 900 MHz wireless internet in Rolfe

§  NW Communications joined the newly formed Heartland Technology Group (HTG)  Founding members Northwest Communications, Aces, CNS, Heartland Technology Solutions, LLC, and Muscatine Computer Store

o    2003: 

§  NW Communications added Computer Networking services

§  NW Communications entered into the Palmer Assistance Contract (Steve Trimble)

o    2004: 

§  NW CATV started to purchase signal from Spencer Municipal Utilities

§  NICP installed joint owned switch located in Spencer

o    2007:  NW Communications purchased retail store in Algona (formerly Northland computers)

o    2008:  NW Communications became Microsoft Partner

o    2009:  NW Communications relocated Algona Retail Store to current location


·         2010’s:

o    2010:  NW Communications added online backup & Password Genie products

o    2011: 

§  NW Communications added 5 GHz Wireless Internet

§  NW Communications completed a major renovation of the Algona Retail Store for more space & offerings

§  NW Communications added a photo kiosk to the Algona Retail Store

§  NW Communications added an iwireless vending machine for 24/7 pay-in-advance plan refills at the Algona Retail Store

§  NW Communications joined the Business Improvement Group (BIG) of Taylor Business Group

o    2013: 

§  NW Communications closed the Algona Retail Store

§  NW Communications began offering CLEC to Rolfe and Mallard

§  High Speed Internet is available in Jolley, Iowa

§  NW Communications purchases customers from Winnebago for Wireless Internet

o    2014: 

§  NW Communications began to market dynamicTV

§  Surveillance Solutions

§  High Speed Internet is available in Lytton, Iowa

§  High Speed Internet is available in Nemaha, Iowa

o    2015: 

§  High Speed Internet is available in Lohrville, Iowa

§  Northwest Communications and Palmer Mutual Telephone Company partner together to bring businesses (and homes in the future) Fiber with Pocahontas Fiber Network

o    2016: 

§  Purchased Ayrshire Farmers Mutual Telephone Company (included with that purchase was ATC Cablevision, Gillett Grove and Whittemore)

§  Introduced Tech Home

§  High Speed Internet is available in Early, Iowa

§  Northwest Communications purchases High Speed Internet customers from BissoTech