Northwest Communiations Cooperative Association

Northwest Communications Cooperative Association provides telephone services to Curlew, Havelock, Plover, and West Bend, as well as serving many other communications needs in Northwest Iowa.

Telephone Services

West Bend, Havelock, Curlew & Plover

Local Access (Residence) $23.75
Second Line Access (Residence) $14.50
Local Access (Business) $27.50
Second Line for Data (Business) $14.50
Subscriber Line Charge (Single Line) $6.50
Subscriber Line Charge (Multi Line) $9.20
911 Surcharge $1.00
Key System $29.95
Non-Published Number per listing $1.50
900 Number Blocking No Charge
Inside Wire Maintenance $7.95
Access Recovery Charge (Residence) No Charge
Access Recovery Charge (Single Line Business) $3.00
Access Recovery Charge (Multi Line Business) $3.00
Move/Transfer Service $75.00
Hourly - Billed in 1/4 hour increments $75.00/hour
Trip Charge $50.00

Optional calling features are available in our telephone exchanges. These communities include West Bend, Havelock, Curlew, and Plover. If you would like additional information, or are interested in adding any calling features, please call the business office or click here to email us.

Call Waiting
This feature alerts a customer, who is using his phone, that another caller is trying to reach him or her. One can put the first call on hold, answer the second call and even alternate between conversations.
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Call Forwarding
This feature allows a customer to transfer their incoming calls to another telephone line where you can be reached or a message taken.
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Three-Way Calling
This feature allows a customer to add a third party to an existing conversation, establishing a three-way conversation.
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Speed Calling
This feature allows a customer to place frequently dialed calls by dialing a one or two digit code. You can have either 8 or 30 of your most frequently dialed numbers installed.
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Caller ID
Caller ID allows for the automatic delivery of a calling party's telephone number to the called customers, which gives the called customer an opportunity to decide whether to answer the call immediately or not. The number is displayed on customer provided equipment. This can also include the display of calling party's name as well.
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Voice Mail
Voice Mail can answer the phone with your own personally-recorded greeting when your line is busy as well as when there is no answer, even when your power is out. Your messages can be retrieved from your voice-mailbox at your convenience.
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Northwest Communications Voice Mail

Northwest Voice Mail
Always get your messages.

Whether you're a busy parent, a businessperson or you share an apartment with roommates, you'll always get your messages with Voice Mail. When you're away, on the line, sending a fax or just busy - get Voice Mail and stay in touch without having to stay by the phone.

Features & Advantages

  • Voice Mail can answer the phone with your own personally-recorded greeting when your line is busy as well as when there is no answer, even when the power is out.
  • Voice Mail can handle multiple calls at once, plus our Voice Mail keeps working during a power outage…your incoming and stored messages won’t be lost!
  • If you use our Call Waiting feature, Voice Mail is an excellent complement – it takes a message when you don’t want to take a Call Waiting call.
  • You can easily access your messages, even when you’re away from home.