Business Office / Garage Space for Rent

1405 Silver Lake Ave. Ayrshire, Iowa.

  • All utilities paid and garage space is heated.
  • Spaces can be rented out separately or together.
  • Call our office 800-249-5251 for more information or to schedule a tour.

Property Details

Front Lobby area/office (south room): 24’9” inches x 14’8” inches


Center Room: 17‘10” inches by 12’10“ inches


Back Office (north room): 14’6” inches by 14’7” inches

Also has a restroom and kitchenette. There are multiple built in counters and cabinets.



Can be rented as 1 garage or individual stalls. If renting a stall there are no dividers so they are open to each other.

There are 3 overhead doors. 9”7 wide and 8’3” high.

West Stall 15’8” x 23’11”

Middle Stall 14” x  23’11”

East Stall 17’4” x 23’11”

Note: there are lofts and built in’s in garage that can affect actual footage for storage.