Northwest Communications Open Internet Disclosures

Northwest Communications is committed to providing an open Internet through ethical network practices and transparent data management policies.  This document outlines how our local data network connects to the Internet and the engineering practices we employ to ensure equitable access to all services in compliance with the Federal Communication Commission’s Open Internet Order regulations.

Service Offerings

Northwest Communications utilizes the following technologies for internet access :

Each technology utilizes Aureon Services for its internet backbone provide.  Internet speeds generally result from a “best effort” service and are dependent on a nuMber of variables, many of which are outside the control of an Internet Service Provider. All speeds are subject to change due to the two key elements of network performance: bandwidth and latencies.

Other Costs/fees: 

  • Connection fee:
    • Wireless Internet: $75.00
    • DSL Internet: $185.00
  • Reconnection fee: $35.00
  • Static IP: $5.00

A speed test site for any user or customer can be accessed here:  Speed Test Site

Privacy Policies

Northwest Communications' network management practices do not entail inspection of network traffic. Traffic information is not stored, provided to third parties, or used by the carrier for non-network management purposes.
Northwest Communications reserves the right to limit or block network traffic without prior notice to any account which is suspected to be in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy

Congestion Management

Northwest Communications does not implement any congestion management techniques. Northwest operates our network to accommodate the necessary traffic requirements. In the event of congestion, all traffic is classified as best effort.  Northwest Communications seeks to manage its network to ensure network security and integrity and to reduce or mitigate the effects of congestion on the network through evaluation of network traffic patterns that cause an adverse effect to the network integrity.

Application-Specific Behavior
Northwest Communications does not block or otherwise inhibit, favor or rate control lawful protocols of any kind nor any lawful applications or classes of applications as described in our Acceptable Use Policy.

Content Disclosure

As a full service Internet Service Provider, Northwest Communications delivers a full suite of Internet-based applications. These include:

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Email
  • Web Hosting
  • Content Management System

Northwest Communications does not discriminate any customer traffic. Northwest Communications utilizes the network management techniques that are equal and standard across all user applications. We do not modify our network to make our directly served applications perform better than applications a user would access over the general Internet. For example, Northwest Communications does not manipulate our network to perform better for customers accessing Northwest Communications' email servers versus Northwest customers accessing Google’s gmail.

The network management practices employed by Northwest Communications do not differ between our directly offered applications to those general applications offered over the Internet.

Security Measures

Northwest Communications reserves the right to limit or block network traffic without prior notice to any account which is suspected to be in violation of the Internet Terms of Use or Acceptable Use Policy and/or any account through which connected equipment is either intentionally or unintentionally performing malicious or virus-like activity.  Additionally, Northwest Communications may, at its sole discretion, block any data traffic which it determines poses a threat to the security of the network.

If you have any questions or complaints about the Northwest Communications Open Internet Disclosures, please Contact Us