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If your account is listed in only your name, you might want to consider adding another name, if appropriate such as a spouse or roommate. If you are a parent of individual that relies on someone else to discuss account changes, payment, or anything else with our company, you will need to have that person’s name added to your account. The name will not need to be added to billing name but can be added to our records as an authorized person for discussing information and making changes to your account. The additional contact(s) that you authorize will not be responsible for payment of this account or entitled to any of the capital credits or voting privileges associate with this account. After you have established your password with us, you will need to provide the password to the other authorized contacts on this account.*
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THIS FORM MUST BE RETURNED IN ORDER TO ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION IN THE FUTURE PLEASE KEEP A COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS If you have any questions, please call our office at 712-776-2222 or dial 611 from your home phone.