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Skyphone - E911 NOTIFICIATION. ALL USERS(CUSTOMER) OF SKYPHONE/NORTHWEST COMMUNICATIONS INC’S SESSION INITIATION PROTOCOL (“SIP”) BASED VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL (“VOIP”) SERVICES ARE REQUIRED TO AGREE THAT THEY HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD THE LIMITATIONS LISTED BELOW ASSOCIATED WITH THE 911 AND E-911 EMERGENCY SERVICES AVAILABLE THROUGH SKYPHONE/ NORTHWEST COMMUNICATIONS INC. IF THEY HAVE NOT READ OR DO NOT AGREE, THEY ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO USE ANY OF SKYPHONE/NORTHWEST COMMUNICAITONS CALLING SERVICES. The 911 calling capabilities associated with VOIP calling services is different from those offered by traditional analog telephone services. Skyphone/Northwest Communication’s VOIP calling services are not meant to be relied upon in the case of an emergency. While SKYPHONE/Northwest Communications Inc. attempts to provide access to emergency service, these VOIP services are not intended to be used to support or to carry emergency calls to any type of hospitals, law enforcement agencies, medical care units, alarms or any other kind of emergency services. CUSTOMER SHOULD MAINTAIN ALTERNATVIE MEANS OF CALLING EMERGENCY SERVICES SUCH AS ANALOG OR CELLULAR SERVICE. Electrical outages and internet connectivity problems, including network congestion, may disrupt Skyphone/Northwest Communication’s calling service and prevent 911 emergency calling. Service disconnects due to account suspensions, billing issues, or any other reason will prevent 911 emergency calling. VOIP services are technically capable of being used in locations that are not associated with the traditional geographic area of a telephone number. These capabilities can cause 911 problems. All 911 capabilities will only be available in the locations that CUSTOMER has associated with the Skyphone/Northwest Communication assigned direct-inward-dial (“DID”) telephone number assigned to the CUSTOMER. For e911 to be accurately routed to the appropriate emergency call center, the CUSTOMER must provide accurate DID telephone numbers as the call-back telephone number for all 911 calls and accurate address information. Additionally, using the service in a location that uses a different area code than the area code of the DID number provided may not be able to reach emergency personnel or may not reach emergency personnel near customer’s actual physical location. Failure to provide a correct physical address in the correct format may cause 911 emergency calls to be routed to the incorrect local emergency service provider. Use of Skyphone/Northwest Communications’ VOIP calling service from a location other than the location which such service was registered may result in 911 emergency calls being routed to the incorrect local emergency service provider. Changes of location submitted to Northwest Communications, or a Skyphone/Northwest Communications partner, reseller or agent may take up to 48 hours to be reflected accurately in E911 records.*
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